Some months ago we (Sean and Jane) thought we might like to travel round the world.  It seemed a good idea!  We didn’t know where to go and had thoughts about travelling East (overland to Turkey, Georgia, fly to India, then who knows?), Round the World Flights, camper vans etc, but finally decided on the Americas, prompted by visions of New England in the Fall and vineyards in Chile.  The early thoughts gradually became more concrete so we now have a loose itinerary which includes HelpX in New York, Louisiana and El Salvador; AirBandB in Washington DC and New Orleans and catching up with friends in Atlanta and Santiago de Chile, as well as a stint at Maya Pedal in Guatemala.  We’ve now given up our jobs in housing (Sean) and teaching English, via 7 years at UEA library, (Jane) in order to work for our keep and volunteer so we’ll see how long the money lasts and fill in the detail as we go.  The kids are all settled into work or study and Hannah is house-sitting so we’re nearly ready to hoist the rucksacks into position and set off.  We have various ideas about our return, ranging from remodelling the entire house, to buying a flat, to starting a business, to settling back into a work routine, to setting off again in the opposite direction.   But who knows how we will feel at the end of our journey in about 8 months time?  This blog is for our own amusement and memories but if you would like to comment or get in touch we would be very pleased to hear from you.  JR 19.9.14


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