Malaysia Malaise

Malaysia started to let us down when we tried to log on to retrieve the sleeper train tickets we had booked the previous day. At first it looked like they’d disappeared but after multiple attempts we decided the system was down. And it stayed down all day. And the next day. So we resigned ourselves to having to get to the station early in order to sort it out. In the event this didn’t prove to be a problem.

Since we arrived we’ve both been struggling with the heat and humidity. We haven’t made adequate allowance for it and we haven’t considered at all that we might be suffering the aftermath of 24 hours of travelling and a 16 hour time difference! As a result (and not surprisingly) we find we’re exhausted after a few hours trudging around and on the day of departure Sean suffered a major slump in the afternoon.


Sean, shortly before his ‘slump’

We headed back to the room we had checked out of three hours earlier in the hope it was free and we could sneak in for a crafty nap. We were in luck! An hour later and we still had hours to kill before the train. We faddled around for a bit and then decided to head for the station.

Despite his nap Sean was still feeling tired and dozed throughout the hour long journey. He seemed worse when we got to the station so we settled into the air conditioned waiting room and sorted out the ticket issue. By this time I think Sean had a temperature so I headed to the nearby shopping centre and bought water, snacks and paracetamol. Then we dozed and waited for the train.

The overnight journey wasn’t too bad. It was air-conditioned, we slept and Sean seemed better in the morning. On arrival we decided to try and book our onward tickets in person rather than relying on the e-version. But, guess what! Systems still down, computer said no, and likely to be down for at least two days! No-one can buy a ticket.

Luckily our airbnb host allowed us to check in as soon as we arrived. We now knew we had to take things a bit easy. I had been suffering from ‘achy leg syndrome’ (my own diagnosis) since arriving in Singapore, which I had put down to dehydration, but fluids and rehydration powder didn’t seem to be making it any better. By the afternoon we thought we’d venture to the city centre. But we were quickly defeated. It was hot, humid, dusty, crowded with traffic and Sean’s drowsiness and my aches quickly returned so we made a hasty retreat and invested in a Chinese reflexology foot massage, which was lovely (if a bit over enthusiastic) while it lasted, but the effects quickly wore off. We rested, went out for a great Indian meal and returned to sleep.

An electronic exchange with my lovely doctor-sister has suggested that I rest my legs for 24 hours and get Sean to ply me with tasty snacks, both of which I am happy to comply with under medical advice. So today we’ve done nothing.

But I have come to the realisation that we need to change our approach in a couple of ways. One is that we need to reduce the weight of our luggage, as lugging heavy bags around is helping neither of us. So we’ve already started discarding unnecessary gadgets (of which there are many!) And the other is that we need to be clear about what we want to do in a place. Normally we like to walk a lot, soaking up the atmosphere but that’s not possible in this climate and we just get irritable. Why did we come to Kuala Lumpur? I’m not really sure. Because it’s there?

Well, we have a couple of positive things to do, we’ve learnt from the experience and we’re going to plan a gentle day out tomorrow to get us back on track. To be fair, it’s not really Malaysia’s fault but it was too good a heading to miss out on. ☺

Thanks Helen! Xxx

Why we Loved Singapore

  • Everything’s beautifully designed.
  • bDSCF0034
  • There’s artwork everywhere.
  • bDSCF0026 bDSCF0013
  • The food’s great.
  • bDSCF0021
  • It has beautiful green spaces.
  • The modern architecture’s stunning.
  • bDSCF0024
  • China Town.
  • Traditionalimagecolonial buildings.
  • Little India.
  • It has all sorts of quirky things.
  • bDSCF0032 bDSCF0014 bDSCF0010
  • The river frontage is beautiful.
  • It’s the city that never sleeps.
  • Public transport is cheap, frequent and efficient.
  • There’s a mall with an indoor river, with rowing boats.
  • bDSCF0036 bDSCF0038
  • The level of service is generally excellent (but when a service desk is involved you usually have to queue).
  • The flowers, plants and trees are amazing.
  • We stayed in a lovely house.
  • The skyline.
  • It’s vibrant, youthful and inspiring.
  • They’ve got a ship on top of some towers for a hotel!
  • bDSCF0020