God have Merced

Today we are boarding the Amtrak (its very late, Jane will no doubt refer to it) leaving Merced for Modesto and our next HelpX stay. We arrived back to our des- res apartment last night after a lovely four day `road trip` that took us from North of Monterey down the Pacific coast highway (known as The Big Sur) to a dude little place called Pismo Beach.

Jane has in her usual organised way been posting some details of what we’ve been doing and uploading some photos, so if you have been reading, then you are pretty much up to speed. I, on the other hand, have been a bit lazy in the blog dept. Probably down to a lack of inspiration caused in part by being quite contented with things at the moment. My grumpy pontificating git

genes seem to have been suppressed somewhat. California has proved to be a seductive host, it really has an awful lot going for it. Both Jane and I consider it worth a second visit (although this may need one of our kids to come here, make it big time and invite us over, are you taking this on board T,L,A & H!).

Anyway, as I mentioned, I’ve not been my usual self. Obviously when I began to notice this alien sensation of ser ser serenity (there I’ve said it!) I was not prepared to accept it laying down, although technically I was sitting, driving at the time. I asked myself ‘Sean, how are you ever going to get your misery mojo back?’ Oddly troubled by such calm thoughts I turned to the car radio to take my mind off them.

It was as if by divine intervention I heard a homely and slickly persuasive voice telling me that these were indeed troubled times for all of us and if I were only to pray, I could straighten a Gay, double my pay and undoubtedly maintain the sanctity of the all America way. The power of this mans rhetoric could not fail to move me in some way. That way as it turned out was to stick out my index finger and press the channel button but low and behold, there, right below God Vibrations 98.5 FM was worse, Satan 66.6 FM.

What came forth from the radio under normal circumstances would have triggered a thunderous Richter 10 scream of NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! GET THE FECK OFF! Instantly followed by a violent stab at the channel button. But not this time, this time it was in fact none other than FOX Radio, the scrawny shouty soiled arse bastard infant of Murdoch and I just calmly listened.

In a bizarre and what should have been an inexplicable way I felt slightly honoured to form part of the audience as the chippy anchor man reviewed the last twelve months in the US of A, apparently (despite publication of very good economic and employment stats) everything is wrong in the land of plenty and its all the fault of the  President and the band of wooly democrats and commie liberals who are in cahoots with him. This jerks assertion was robustly supported by a couple of slime ball republican politicos and a handful of good old boy callers all named Chuck, Duane or Wayne! The reason I felt so honoured to be party to their ravings was that Jane and me were likely to be the only rational, socially concerned people listening. It is well documented that only those on the right wing get Fox airtime to spew out their garbage, the more extreme the better it seems and only believers subscribe. Clearly no right minded person would give it the time of day but there we were, listening to the brew being poured if not actually supping with the devil.

The question remained, where was my anger at hearing this guff? Why was I not screaming and thumping the dashboard? What had happened to me?

What had happened was two things, firstly Jane. Jane who’s calm demeanor, gentle touch and worldly wisdom when combined always oil my troubled waters, I swear, the effect on me of her calming presence is nothing short of miraculous (oh yea and a sternly delivered reminder to shut up and concentrate because I was driving a strange car, in a foreign country and with absolutely no knowledge of the highway rules may have contributed!) and secondly, California itself, this is a DUDE inducing place and I am feeling,, sort of out there man.

Got to go catch me a wave now, hang loose baby.

Author: Mad Crochet Woman

Crochet, colour, braiding, macrame, jewellery - some of the things I'm currently loving and learning about, often inspired by travel. I also want to explore more about eco-friendly materials.

3 thoughts on “God have Merced”

  1. Crikey; this just isn’t my thing at all…………….Is it the same as e-mailing you? I have no humorous or intellectual comments but I am enjoying your descriptions of what you are up to. (I’m not pretending to look a lot – just occasionally)
    Anyway. Happy New Year to you both. Do relish this time out of the country when we are facing January and February…………..
    Love Anne.


  2. Ah, you are now an honorary California and even more importantly, an honorary dude from the San Joaquin Valley! We (the other right-minded — meaning left-minded) listen to these stations for amusement. Cayman is more amused than I am…I am repulsed; he laughs.

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    1. Hello Anne!! Yay, I had no idea you’d been looking at all. Yes, same as emailing except that all other blog readers can also see it 😁. Did you have good Xmas and New Year? Is everyone well? Happy New Year! Xxxx


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