Visalia days

The stress and drama of our reentry to America and lost baggage is now behind us and we are looking make the most of our time here before leaving for Singapore. Tonights our last night in Visalia, tomorrow we are heading North to a town called Merced where we have booked a small apartment for the10 days over Christmas and new year. Merced like Visalia is a small central valley town, California coolsville it is not, but it will be nice to have our own space again. This is the farming heartland of America, more your teaparty and pickup truck territory than West coast hipster. To date we have experienced nothing but kindness from the people we’ve met, from serene and worldly Quakers through to God fearing conservative folk with guns, As you can imagine, my Richard Dawkins impression and best of Tim Minchin album went down a storm.

We have enjoyed staying with Heather and Cayman, we’ve been introduced to a variety of interesting folk, heard lots of stories from Heathers days as a PA to the Hollywood stars and even managed to fit in some work for our keep, building a large pergola and painting the kitchen ceiling. We leave as friends and maybe sometime we shall get the chance to play host to them back in England.

California has some amazing places that we have yet to see and explore, we have been fortunate in that we have met some of the people and learned a bit about the place and not just looked at the scenery and moved on. Getting to see the sites will eat in to our budget, but this trip is a one off experience and if its a week in a caravan in Skeggie next year, so be it.


Author: Mad Crochet Woman

Crochet, colour, braiding, macrame, jewellery - some of the things I'm currently loving and learning about, often inspired by travel. I also want to explore more about eco-friendly materials.

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