Screen Goblin

Three years ago, Brad Pitt vowed to stop acting at the age of 50. Now that he’s reached that age but nonetheless stars in David Ayer’s Fury, a World War II movie about a US tank crew fighting through Nazi Germany, one can’t help but wish that he had actually quit. 


Of course, a grizzled Pitt looks great atop a beat-up Sherman tank, even if he’s doing exactly as he was in Inglourious Basterds. But a man of his intelligence and liberalism should know better than to star in and executive produce such an obvious piece of pro-war propaganda. The tank’s crew are a bunch of sadists, gleefully crushing anything in the tank’s path like they’re at an Arnold Schwarzenegger charity event. Speaking of Arnie, he starred in Ayer’s previous film Sabotage, which was a similarly violent affair featuring similarly hyper-masculine meatheads being similarly unpleasant with guns. But while Sabotage was a throwaway exploitation film, Fury purports to be a…

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Author: Mad Crochet Woman

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