Things come full Circus

Jane is having a lazy day, just mouching about the bungalow. This is a new experience for me, two brain Jane actually opting just to do nothing but chill. She assures me that she is fine and periodically treats herself to the odd day like this (I suspect probably to keep a handle on how us lesser mortals happily procrastinate).

Anyway, accepting this as a virtual leave pass, I elected to have a run ashore and headed into town. First stop was the market, much bigger than it looks from the road and a proper market too, no tourist tat, or tourists (excepting me). I loved the whole feel of the place, but my way less than rudimentary Spanish meant proper interaction was impossible and one of the key elements of any market is banter.

Heading down in to town I stopped in at the Bar Circus, this place has a stone pizza oven and is mentioned in all the guides. Stepping inside I could see that it was very much a locals bar (a good thing here in Costa del gringo) and that it was pretty full with people celebrating a girls twenty first. Dad, mum, family and friends all looking sharp in their going out clothes and cheerfully greeting, hugging and shaking hands Guatemalan style (slapping palms than making a fist and touching knuckles, looks pretty cool, note to self, master this!).

After thank you speeches from proud dad, birthday girl and slightly shy mum the starters were served. Sitting at the Bar (drinking Pepsi I must add, although I did have it with ice from an unknown source to give it some “edge”) I watched the staff popping lids and distributing a huge number of bottles of cokes and other soft drinks, suddenly I felt simpatico, was I not supping a soda too. Then the barman turned to the three black carrier bags two lady guests had passed over the Bar earlier, pulling out several bottles of Johny Walker, he commenced dishing them out at a rate of knots. I then realised how much I hate drinking Pepsi (on my second by then!). It was clear that the live music would be starting soon, but they were happily chatting away to each other and were in no hurry to finish their grub and start dancing. At this point I decided to move on, two pepsis is my limit nowadays, so sadly am not able to report how the festivities panned out.

Next stop was a hotel coffee bar that offered free WiFi and a chance to catch up with emails, news etc. (Norwich lost yet again, is there is no respite from these lousy scores!). Read a very long and interesting account of friends Dave & Jules travels in SE Asia,, they are obviously having a ball and getting up to all sorts of exciting adventures that makes our trip appear very tame.

Then back to our little house via the supermarket. Arrived back at 6.20 just after darkness fell, Jane met me at the door, slightly concerned about my wellbeing (I had promised I’d be back before dark, but unfortunately picked a very cautious tuktuk driver :-D) . Anyway, Jane was doubly relieved, to see me home safe and to have overcome her 5 days of constipation (fretting it turns out is an very effective laxative!).

Post script, after starting out at the Bar Circus (connection to the big top not established but several photos on walls indicate one probably exists) I found myself standing next to a fully attired clown in the supermarket check out. He was doing the weekly shop with his wife and young daughter.


Author: Mad Crochet Woman

Crochet, colour, braiding, macrame, jewellery - some of the things I'm currently loving and learning about, often inspired by travel. I also want to explore more about eco-friendly materials.

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