Tom, Mick and Larry

Tom is our host. He has had a fascination with Mayan culture since he was a child. He bought this property in the seventies and started to build his house and the Lacombe Heritage Centre in the Mayan style. This has been an ongoing project and he now has a rambling house with terrace and huge pond, beautifully adorned with all kinds of ethnic art and treasures. Tom is interesting, generous and happy to share his home. He is full of ideas for organising trips to Yucatan, developing the heritage centre further and developing his house. He has had a long and varied career and met lots of interesting and influential people. He has bad knees and is 80 years old but he isn’t letting either of those things hold him back.

Mick is really Michael. He is an ex-military man who spent a lot of time in Baghdad, both in the military and as a civilian. He is now working tirelessly on a project to set up a not for profit organisation that will produce biodiesel in the Caribbean, sell it to a local government and use the profit to build homes made from recycled storage containers and local labour. This will provide a non-fossil fuel, reduce local dependency on oil, provide work; and the houses will be given to ex-veterans. Michael’s grasp of the facts and figures, and logistics involved in making this happen is staggering. He talks fast and fluidly and it can be difficult to keep up. He has a very clear understanding of the rationale behind the wars in the Middle East and can explain this through his own personal experience and, again, it can be hard to follow all his arguments as his mind moves so fast.  He makes great American pancakes with maple syrup and Louisiana biscuits.

Larry is, in his own words, a Swamp Hippy, a dyin’ art. He grew up in the swamp and is proud of his hunting, shooting, fishing abilities. He’s had a colourful life, working as a third generation self-employed house painter taking pride in his work, and really living life to the full at weekends. He’s fallen on hard times and smashed his knee somehow so, while he’s waiting for his operation, he is working for Tom and looking after us. He’s a great cook and coffee maker! He’s been here for four months. Larry is very knowledgeable about the wildlife and the skills he has, is full of great stories about his exploits, and plans to build a house boat that he can live on in the swamp.

Fabien and Noemie arrived from Canada this evening.


Author: Mad Crochet Woman

Crochet, colour, braiding, macrame, jewellery - some of the things I'm currently loving and learning about, often inspired by travel. I also want to explore more about eco-friendly materials.

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