Monday Highlight

Today we worked hard until about 2-we’ve nearly finished the ceiling. Then we went out cycling around the neighbourhood and parks on 2 great bikes lent to us by our hosts. As it was getting dark we locked our bikes outside a big bookstore and went in to browse and have a coffee. When we came out an hour or so later both bikes had been stolen. We were devastated, especially as one of the bikes had been a gift. We spoke to the store staff and rang the police before heading back to break the news to our hosts, contemplating the cost of replacing the bikes. We found our hosts as soon as we got in but the amazing thing was they were absolutely cool about the whole incident. Not that they were blase about theft in the neighbourhood, just that they regarded the bikes as ‘things’, didn’t blame us at all, and said that as long as everyone was all right there was no problem. It was quite an amazing reaction.


Author: Mad Crochet Woman

Crochet, colour, braiding, macrame, jewellery - some of the things I'm currently loving and learning about, often inspired by travel. I also want to explore more about eco-friendly materials.

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