How did I get here?

OK, so I haven’t actually gone anywhere yet.  But at 7 pm on 21 June 2013 I was about to go on a blind date with a man from Cromer.  I was doing a boring job, living a comfortable life in my comfortable home with plenty of lovely friends and family.  A little over 15 months later I find myself without a job, about to give up my home and life and leave my friends and family behind to embark on an unknown journey with my fiance (same man!).  I feel sick and dizzy; I’ve got a headache and indigestion and, ultimate irony, my backpack is bulkier and heavier than his is.  Regardless of how I got here, there’s no going back now so hopefully I’ll feel better tomorrow and I’m pretty sure I’ll feel even better on Friday when we stroll through Manhattan in the sunshine. JR